• is a mail list intended for general public discussion and news. Questions, requests and comments welcomed.
    You can register to this list here.
  • is a mail list intended to inform news to its recipients. At this point, it is only used to signal new releases being published at this site.
    Anyone can listen, but only the dev team can place mails here, so you don’t have to worry about spam.
    You can register to this list here.
    Because of its purpose, this list rarely sees more than one e-mail a month.
  • is a mail alias you can use to reach us developers only.
    Though we’re willing to provide advice via this medium, we’d be grateful is you used for this purpose instead so a future archive surfer can benefit from the experience.
  • Our official bug tracker is the Github corner. This is also a good place to request features.
  • If you prefer a chat, we are on Matrix. you can find us in If you don’t have a Matrix account, you can sign up for one at